Vehicle restraint system

There are a variety of vehicle restraint systems made of different materials and geometries which can be classified into the following categories:

  •  Safety barriers: these are elements located longitudinally along the sides or as dividers in the middle of the roads.
  •  Parapets: these are safety barriers specially designed for installation on boards utilised in provisional works or on the top of retaining walls.
  •  Impact attenuators: there are devices used as protection for those hazardous situations on the outer perimeter of the road, in cases where a guardrail cannot be employed. These elements are designed to retain head-on impacts.
  •  Terminals: these are systems used to protect the ends of the safety barriers. These ends may constitute in themselves a hazard in case of vehicle impact.
  •  Transitions: these are elements for the joints between two adjacent containment systems located on the road.
  •  Runaway vehicle ramp: these are areas filled with granular material located in the vicinity of the road in order to stop the vehicles that have lost control.
  •  Protection systems for motorcyclists: these are elements located on the security barriers or guardrails, specifically designed to protect motorcyclists.