Our company specialises in the supply, manufacture and assembly of passivated steel (rebar assembly) for reinforced concrete structures. This company was founded and is the result of the work and experience gained over the last forty years.

COSTANOR S. XXI, S.L. is comprised of a highly trained and skilled workforce that cooperates with our clients for the completion of large public works projects. We participate in the implementation of projects involving motorways, smokestacks, shopping centres, waterworks, agricultural operations and especially, waterways during the last two decades, thus making us one of the leading companies in the sector nationwide, with specific participation in international projects as a standard bearer and leading company in the sector.

COSTANOR S.XXI, S.L. is a company located in Galicia and with headquarters in the city of Viveiro (Lugo), but its distinctiveness lies in the fact that it always constructs its workshops on site with the objective and purpose of responding immediately during execution of the works.