Foundations and wind farms

Spain’s commitment to renewable energy, which contemplates the objectives of reducing the emission of gases into the atmosphere, has implemented measures to adapt its electricity system to the production of green energy. What has caused an incipient construction of wind farms throughout the country.

For this reason and for three years Costanor S.XXI S.L. has increased and diversified its business activity towards this sector with a very important growth forecast during this next decade, in which we carry out the execution of the foundations of the wind turbines for wind farms.

We execute the foundations in each of its phases:

Cleaning concrete

Labor for pouring cleaning concrete at the bottom of the excavation up to the topographic level indicated by the client.


Mounting of bolt-ferrule cages

We set up workshops on site, providing a good service and an immediate response to the client, equipped with the latest generation machinery and means for the production of corrugated steel. (automatic stirrups, shears, benders …).

Also, if the circumstances of the work do not allow the assembly of the workshop on site, we have our own facilities with a workshop in Viveiro (Lugo), which allows us to carry out with guarantees the transport of manufactured or even reinforced steel (screens, piles , straps, beams …) from the factory to any point in the country, guaranteeing the traceability of the product throughout the work.