Machined bars for Erico products

At COSTANOR S. XXI, besides being distributors of Erico products, we supply the sleeves with the threaded bars, for which we carry out the following process:

  • The B-500-SD corrugated steel bar is cut by saw to the length requested by the client.
  • We make a taper thread by using a special threading machine for this type of thread.
  • We put the sleeve on the thread of the first phase with a torque wrench and tighten it to the corresponding diameter of the sleeve; we then supply the second phase bar with its machined threads.
  • We bend the machined bars to the specifications requested by the client.
  • We ship the bars to the destination of each client.
  • If the volume of work is significant, it is possible to move the machinery to the works and to carry out this whole process on site.

Machined bars with metric thread

Besides the Erico machined bars, at COSTANOR S. XXI we also have machinery for machining bars with metric thread, both in corrugated steel as well as mild steel and for various uses, such as winding bars for signalling (traffic lights, street lights, etc.), threaded bars for various uses in wind power, solar power plants, etc.