Floating quays

Consisting of concrete modules as construction elements lightened with polystyrene, providing stability and strength similar to fixed docks. These structures provide extraordinary strength against waves in semi-sheltered areas and are highly buoyant. The inertia of the same make them suitable for mooring medium-length boats, yachts, fishing boats, rescue boats, patrol boats, etc.

They are available in beams from 2.50 m to 5 m and variable lengths from 10 m to 20 m depending on the beam and place of manufacture, transportation or other factors that may condition or alter the manufacturing of the product. The floating quays can also be connected in parallel in order to build platforms on which restaurants, stages, etc. may be positioned.

The floating quay is manufactured in accordance with the EHE guidelines.

  •  Length: 10.00m -12.00m -20.00m
  •  Width without defences: From 2.50m to 5.00m.
  •  Height: 0.90m. up to 5m.
  •  Weight: 12 – 50 tonnes
  •  Approx. freeboard 0.55m.-0.70m.
  •  Concrete: HAC-40 – Self-compacting.
  •  Steel reinforcement: B-500 SD hot-dip galvanised by immersion.
  •  Expanded Polystyrene: 15 Kg/m3
  •  Metal accessories: Stainless steel Aisi- 316-L
  •  Connectors: 2 elastomeric units per joint
  •  Breaking strength of the connector: 2 x 45 tonnes or 3 x 45 tonnes

NOTE:  Special dimensions can be supplied at the request of the client.