Floating breakwaters

This is the ideal protection for lakes or semi-sheltered docks. Breakwaters are the solution for creating shelters in areas where short waves are caused by wind or by the passing of other boats. Given that these are floating devices, the environmental and ecological impact thereof is minimal and therefore the procedures for obtaining permits and authorisations are much simpler.

These breakwaters are manufactured in accordance with the EHE guidelines

  •  Length: 12.00m -16.00m -20.00m
  •  Width without defences: From 3.00m to 5.00m.
  •  Height: 1.90m.
  •  Weight: According to the modulation.
  •  Approx. freeboard -0.60m.
  •  Concrete: HAC-40 – Self-compacting.
  •  Steel reinforcement: B-500 SD hot-dip galvanised by immersion.
  •  Expanded Polystyrene: 15 Kg/m3
  •  Metal accessories: Stainless steel Aisi- 316-L
  •  Connectors: 2 elastomeric units per joint
  •  Breaking strength of the connector: 2 x 45 tonnes or 3 x 45 tonnes

NOTE:  Special dimensions can be supplied at the request of the client.