Quality certificate ISO 9001

Due to current widespread development in the society in which we live, greater progress is required in construction projects that bring significant improvements to the values desired by users and all stakeholders involved in the construction process. These values reflect different motivations and needs:

  • Prevention of occupational risks and improvement of working conditions.
  • Reduction in time frame of implementation.
  • Project cost optimisation.
  • Compliance with quality standards.
  • Control and traceability of materials.
  • Project documentation.

COSTANOR S.XXI, S.L. continually provides construction solutions for reinforcement of structures by way of:

  • Equivalent proposals for reinforced concrete.
  • Details of the constructions.
  • More efficient implementation methods.
  • Certified commercial steel.
  • Construction of workshop implemented on site as required.
  • Steel reinforcement tailored to each type of project.
  • Traceability of steel and production processes.
  • Certificates and any other type of documents that may be required by the client.
  • Civil liability insurance.
  • Delivery notes.
  • Exploded-view drawings.

Under the heading specified as advantages, the steel reinforcement streamlining process is worth noting due to the optimisation achieved in terms of several aspects:

Technical aspect: In this regards, steel structure forms and frames are employed that enable the utilisation of industrialised steel reinforcement and the standardisation of steel frames which thus ensures the safety of structures.
Construction aspect: Reduce labour in the development and placement of structures, implementing feasible steel frames and facilitating placement of prefabricated sizes.
Economic aspect: Using the average equivalent diameter results in economic returns, reduces the quantity of steel by using new details of constructions and new work techniques, and using industrialised steel reinforcement that optimises costs by reducing manpower required in the production and placement of the same. COSTANOR S.XXI, S.L. always manufactures its steel reinforcement at workshops located on site, incorporating therein the most advanced methods and manufacturing processes, while ensuring compliance with the highest quality standards and EHR guidelines.

In summary, the use of the construction methods proposed by COSTANOR S.XXI, S.L. can benefit construction projects by:

  • Resolving all steel reinforcement work-related problems by having a workshop on site.
  • Flexibility to adapt to each project. Analysing drawings and proposals for solutions that provide economic, technical, and safety advantages.
  • Reduction in time frame of implementation.
  • Reliability in the supply and implementation of the works.
  • Availability of manpower to work throughout continuous periods in shifts covering 24 hours a day.
  • Through non-quality cost savings.
  • Complete construction system. Turnkey projects
  • Complete information regarding all the details.
  • Personalised service in planning, implementation and assembly.